Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Classroom

Here's a quick tour of my kindergarten classroom. Tons of effort and dedication was put into this! Thanks to my mom and Matti for helping me out :)

This is our morning calendar. Every morning we talk about the date. Such as what month are we in, what is today and any special holidays. We sing a days of the week song to the tune of the Adams Family song. Sing a song about the months. Talk about the weather and fill in our weather graph! These kids are so smart that they understand the concept of time on the hour, half hour, and fifteen minutes! We have been counting up to 100 days of school on our apple tree. My mom donated her Ariel puzzle to the class. Each day a student puts up a piece of the "mystery" puzzle. We also add a straw to our bag per each day of school and talk about place value. My favorite part is singing "Who Let the Letters Out" to the tune of "Who Let the Dogs Out." The song can be found here. Hand motions are used for each letter!

I created a job chart for our class. Each child has a helping hand with their name on it. The jobs include line leader, caboose, bathroom checker, teacher helpers (pass out papers), calendar helpers, and floor checkers. These jobs change weekly.

Here is our behavior chart! Each child starts off their day on green. A warning they turn to white, second warning is changed to yellow (5 minutes of recess lost), and last warning is a card on red (note home and this rarely happens)! Notice that there are purple cards on top. These purple cards are given out to students that are being excellent listeners, on task, being angels, etc. Having kids go to purple is a charm! At the end of the day, the kids on purple are able to put a star on their star chart (I didn't post a picture). 5 stars= a sticker! 10 stars= a prize from the prize box! 
*Credit goes out to Miss Alexia for the purple card idea!

I put my heart and soul into making this kindergarten word wall! Everything you see here was drawn and cut by my two little hands! Each week we learn two new sight words. Sight words are words that kindergarteners should know by heart going into first grade. (Examples are: I, a, me, my, the) Each sight word is then put up on the kindergarten word wall for reference to spell a word for their writing journals.

This is my daily schedule and early finisher schedule. Each child in the class has a number. When they are done with their classwork, they are to look at this board and see what work they should be doing. I try to change out the stations monthly because the kids tend to get bored of the same centers.

The kids know this as the "U." Hence this is where I teach all my main material for my 12 bright kinders! Each child gets a carpet square, clipboard, and whiteboard. 

FLUFFFFFFFY!!!! This is where our class dwarf hamster lives! I brought Fluffy from Petco with Matti in October of 2012. This is the 3rd cage we brought this hamster!!!! Each cage I saw kept getting cooler and cooler! Luckily Petco has a nice return policy :D A luck student at the end of the week gets to take Fluffy home!

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